Mónica Edwards won the joint equal first prize in ‘Science Educational Materials’ Awards (IBM Award)


Monica Edwards won the joint equal first prize in ‘Science Educational  Materials’ Awards (IBM Award) with the project ‘We are all Valu’. This enjoyable and innovative proposal is oriented toward the general public and consists in a role-playing game for scientific reasoning decision-making related to climate change and sustainability issues.  It contains learning objects that can be implemented in mobile devices and/or adapted to paper format.


‘Science in Action’ is an initiative of the National Research Council, the National Cancer Research Center, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the Royal Spanish Physical Society, the Geological Society of Spain and the National Distance Education University (UNED). Its main objective is to increase the attractiveness of science and the young people’s motivation towards the scientific and technological activities.  ‘Science in Action’ is aimed at students, teachers, researchers, scientific communicators and other members of the scientific community in all scientific disciplines.


More information here: http://www.cienciaenaccion.org/news/acta-final-del-jurado-de-las-modalidades-de-materiales-did%C3%A1cticos-y-trabajos-de-divulgaci%C3%B3n