A. Boni | Ingenio(CSIC-UPV) will participate in the Seminar "Thinking of University and Civil Society Engagement" |31 January, UCL London


The aim of this seminar is to facilitate a dialogue between different actors involved in civil society and university engagement to reflect on benefits, enablers and challenges of these kind of relationships. Starting from a particular experience, the relation between the Master in Social Development Practice of The Bartlett Development Planning Unit (UCL) and Citizens UK, the seminar will bring reflections on how relevant and meaningful is civil society engagement for students, academics and participants of social organizations. Furthermore this session hopes to discuss the role of university and civil society engagement in fostering a more democratic and transformative citizenship.

Organizers: Institute of Education and The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College of London With the support of Ingenio Institute (CSIC-UPV) and the Education Thematic Group of the Human Development and Capability Association.

Presenters: Alexandre Apsan Frediani (DPU), Stephanie Leonard (Citizens UK), Students from MSc SDP, Alejandra Boni (Ingenio) Commentators: Elaine Unterhalter (IOE), Tristan McCowan (IOE), Jude Fransman (Open University)

More information: UCL BARTLETT