Students 4 Change: Social Entrepreneurship in Academia. S4C

2016 to 2019

The recent downturn that has affected the life of many Latin American countries has reshaped its expectations and possibilities of improvement. In this context, the university regains the leading role it once had. Society considers the university as the path to generate innovative strategies that can contribute to social mobility and attend to structural problems.

Based on this, the main purpose of this project is to contribute to the betterment of that part of the university curriculum that seeks to promote social innovation and entrepreneurship, understanding them as fruitful avenues for dealing with the main problems affecting the region.

Eager on this goal, the universities participating in this project will seek to:

- Design and implement educational models that promote the development of competencies associated with entrepreneurship and social innovation.

- Strengthening relationships among different institutions.

- Promote a network of incubators that promote social innovation.

- Design and implement institutional policies and processes that facilitate and promote social innovation in Latin America.

The expected deliveries are as follows:

- Methodologies to promote innovation and social entrepreneurship.

- Tool-kits for teachers to enable them to deploy the designed social innovation strategies.

- A web platform with the following content: teaching resources, guides and delivery manuals for implementation, training, annual reports.

- E-book

- An international conference on social innovation to share best practices, methods, materials.

- Faculty alliances and exchanges.

The expected impact of these actions are: the implementation of new entrepreneurship and social innovation method, 20 pilot courses, 450 students implicated, 55 teachers trained, the reinforcement of social incubators in the participant universities with an impact in the communities, and the implementation of measures for the mainstreaming of social innovation.

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