System Mapping as a Service for post-COVID Regional Transition


Investments to revive our economies must go beyond a recovery of what existed before COVID-19. To enable regions & cities act upon this challenge and provide the needed long-term economic sustainability a clear map of the system functioning and existing interconnections is needed.This project is designed to support the scaling-up stage for system mapping services as part of the resilience planning in local community governance to be applied on the most vulnerable and valueadded sectors that need to be kept as priorities after COVID-19 (i.e. tourism, food supply, mobility) and address fast recovery objectives. It builds on Transformation, in time and the mission-oriented approach that policy-makers together with private actors need to assume, shaping and creating new markets, focusing on emerging problem-specific societal challenges.This pan-European project activates communities spread across 10 most vulnerable counties in Southern Europe in the recovery phase to set system mapping as a strategic knowledge intensive service, aimed to provide new indicators and understanding of system and, thereby, supporting local authorities in the needed post-COVID 19 transition and related strategic planning challenges. Through orchestrated cocreation process, a diverse cohort of partners and non-traditional partners from private bodies and civil society, will work with stakeholders & decision makers to generate practice-based knowledge and strategies. The output is a knowledge management service tool to boost alternatives for challenge-owners in prioritizing economic activities and inform investment in Southern Europe to speed the transition process, aimed at making resilient, healthy communities, recognizing innovations for market and positive transformation.The service provides opportunity for utilization of current and novel unstructured data, not relying solely on historic trends, allowing for path-emergence and systemic decision-making to be applied as a rapid response.

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