Ozgur Yanmaz

Istanbul Technical University

Ozgur Yanmaz is a research assistant and a Ph.D. student at Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Department of Industrial Engineering. His research areas are scenario planning, multi-criteria decision making, linear programming and statistical data analysis. He is also doing the second Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering at ITU.

He is working on the evaluation of scenarios quantitatively and the selection of scenarios satisfying conditions such as plausibility and consistency in a scenario planning problem. Scenarios are alternative futures consisting of several factor levels (i.e. future projections). The factor levels in scenarios are represented qualitatively and as the number of factors and their levels increase, the number of possible combinations increases exponentially. Thus, the aim of his research project is to make the scenarios measurable and comparable, and to obtain a manageable number of significantly different scenarios covering all possible futures.