Nicolò Barbieri

Università degli Studi di Ferrara


Nicolò Barbieri is Ph.D student in European Law and Economics -Università di  Bologna Alma Mater Studiorum.

He is currently visiting Ph.D student at INGENIO [CSIC-UPV].

His research activities are in the field of environmental innovation, patent data analysis, diffusion of environmental technologies and econometric analysis ofcount data. Particular efforts are pursued in discovering what drives environmental innovation in the automotive industry.


I was in my second year of the PhD programme at the University of Bologna when a couple of friends informed me about the possibility to submit a paper to the early career researcher conference to be held at INGENIO. At that time, I knew some researchers who were working there and I believed that their comments and suggestions would have been helpful for the proceeding of my thesis. Last but not least, the chance of visiting Valencia worked as an incentive. During the conference I received wise advices to improve my research and I enjoyed the city. What had captured my attention during the conference was the professionality of an inspiring and multidisciplinary working environment for learning and research. Therefore, I decided to apply for a visiting period and a few months later I was starting my awesome year at INGENIO.

Among the universities to which I could apply for a visiting period, I was lucky to find a place at INGENIO. I can confidently say that this experience has been of the most benefit to me since I enhanced my professional knowledge and expertise. Moreover, I found good friends and research partners with whom I am still collaborating. I will be always extremely grateful to the researchers and administrative staff who work at INGENIO because they considerably contributed to my professional and personal growth.