Social Innovation - Empowering the Young (SocIEtY) for the Common Good

De 2013 hasta 2015

The EU collaborative project SocIEtY provides an analysis and evaluation of inequality amongst young people in Europe and recommends how to enhance their common good in the future.

SocIEtY proposes a radical shift in the conception of how young people’s inequality and ensuing disadvantages can be tackled. Instead of having employment as the exclusive end for policies and the sesame of programs for youth, SocIEtY brings in the idea of focusing also on well-being and the flourishing of young people in their respective lifeworlds.

Main objectives:

Broadening the existing informational basis for policymaking to tackle inequalities and foster social innovation by looking at different policy fields through a combination of bottom-up and top-down perspectives.

Empowering young people to bring in their voices, aspirations and engagements to enhance their options for participation and social inclusion.

Developing a unique methodology of participation that links different stakeholders and status groups to create innovative partnerships to initiate new and innovative forms of deliberative processes for making and implementing policy.

Referencia Oficial: 
CE: 20140620