INGENIO PHD DAYS 2020 have oficially started!


This Monday, 14th of December, we celebrate the first virtual edition of INGENIO PhD Days. This event aims to contribute to the development of research capabilities, presentation and communication skills, as well as to build networks among a new generation of researchers (PhD students as well as early career researchers). For this edition, we have been working alongside with Teje Redes, experts on collaborative methodologies, in order to keep on the interactive spirit of the event and to make of this an active virtual conference! PhD Days will be held between 14th and 16th of December. 

The conference will last three days, organized as if it was a journey to Valencia. This Monday, first day of the event, will be the icebreaker and the day where the assistants will start to use all the virtual tools needed during the congress. Besides, Molly Morgan, Director of Policy of the British Academy and Ohid Yaqub, Senior Lecturer at the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) of the University of Sussex, will present and debate about Innovation & Research Agendas: Between policy priorities, societal challenges and academic autonomy. The second day of the event, on Tuesday, will be the day where PhD Students and early career researchers will share the stage of their work, present their research and receive advise and suggestions from the senior researchers.

Wednesday, the last day of the PhD Days, we are celebrating two workshops. The first of them, given by Ferran Giones, Deputy Director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Science un the Universität Stuttgart, will help the early career researchers to strengthen their research questions. It is an interactive workshop that aims to provide applicable insights into the participants’ research projects. At the second one, the researcher of the Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics, Nicolas Robinson-Garcia, will provide tips to face an international research stay, will discuss how to focus on a research career and how to manage any research stay.

The five main research lines of this year's event are: orienting science and innovation towards political and societal goals: implications and strategies; the factors that affects the academic knowledge; production; the analysis of interactions among diverse actors in innovation systems, the impacts of developments at the technological frontier and how to manage them and the methods and strategies to support and understand the participation of multiple actors.

Our idea for this conference is to make the participants feel like this experience can be as entertaining as if they had actually travelled to Valencia. For that reason, along this trip through the 2020 INGENIO PhD Days Conference, participants will find an environment that enables an open discussion with our keynote speakers Molly Morgan and Ohid Yaqub, networking through knowledge transfer and sharing and an exchange with senior lecturers who can provide feedback and tips for your academic career. In addition, as in any other conference trip, we want to give the participants the chance to make new friends, listen to new music and get a taste of our culture.

For now, we have done two preliminary sessions where the assistants have learnt some key information about the event in order to flow smoothly and so that all voices are heard in this unique online design we have prepared. In the first session, held the last Thursday, the organization team showed to the assistants some information and training needed to use the virtual tools that are going to be used during this journey. The second session, held on Friday 4th of December, was the session where the assistants presented themselves and gave some keypoints about the researches they are going to present on the second day of the conference.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the organization team

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