Pedro Marques, Dima Yankova and Ghinwa Moujaes discuss about the uncertainties of managing a PHD process.


Pedro Marques, Dima Yankova and Ghinwa Moujaes, INGENIO (CSIC-UPV)'s researchers, teamed up to openly discuss the uncertainties of managing a PHD process, especially in COVID times. They answered some questions about this topic for the POLISS (Policies for Smart Specialisation) project group. 

These researchers discussed the uncertainty about time, dissertation quality and the future of their research in this article. Read the point of view of two PhD students and one researcher with 10 years of postdoc experience.

Read the full article here:

About POLISS project

POLISS is an Innovative Training Network funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (H2020-MSCA-ITN) bringing together 7 European Universities and 13 Partners with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the EU’s Smart Specialisation Policy.

Smart Specialisation is a successful innovative approach that aims to boost sustainable growth, levels of employment and social cohesion in Europe, by enabling each region to identify and develop its own competitive advantages. The process of setting up Smart Specialisation is known as Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation (RIS3) and involves different stakeholders such as local authorities, academia, civil society, businesses and entrepreneurs.

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