Dynamics and policy of biomedical science and innovation

This research group is interested in understanding how medical innovation is achieved. We adopt an evolutionary perspective on the dynamics of science and technology, and investigate the development of technologies both over time and across networks of actors and institutions. We employ a broad range of research methods including interviews, network analysis, scientometrics and econometrics. The team’s background is highly interdisciplinary, and includes expertise in medicine, physics, engineering, economics and sociology. Our portfolio of activities spans writing of resarch articles and books, involvement in publicly funded research projects, and interaction with policy makers, medical practitioners and business firms.


Illustrative research topics

  • Evolution of medical know-how (Consoli and Mina, 2009; Consoli and Ramlogan, 2012),
  • Medical devices (Barberá-Tomás et al., 2011; Barberá-Tomás and Consoli, 2012)
  • Nano- and biotechnologies: collaboration and interdisciplinarity in (Rafols, 2007; Leydesdorff and Rafols, 2011)
  • Pharmaceutical firms: dynamics of the knowledge base (D’Este, 2002, 2005; Rafols et al., 2012).
  • Rare diseases: collaborative networks (Amat, 2011) and research practices.
  • Translational research: barriers and enablers (Llopis and D’Este, in preparation)

Ongoing projects

Selected references

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