INGENIO PhDays 2020's train is ready to go


The event is just few weeks away and we want to invite you to this first online version of the INGENIO PHD Days. This event aims to contribute to the development of research capabilities, presentation and communication skills, as well as to build networks among a new generation of researchers (PhD students as well as early career researchers).

The five main research lines of this year's event are: orienting science and innovation towards political and societal goals: implications and strategies; the factors that affects the academic knowledge; production; the analysis of interactions among diverse actors in innovation systems, the impacts of developments at the technological frontier and how to manage them and the methods and strategies to support and understand the participation of multiple actors.

It will be held on December 14th, 15th and 16th. For this edition, we are working alongside with Teje Redes, experts on collaborative methodologies, in order to keep on the collaborative spirit of the event and to make of this an active virtual conference!

Our idea for this conference is to make the participants feel like this experience can be as entertaining as if they had actually travelled to Valencia. For that reason, along this trip through the 2020 INGENIO PhD Days Conference, participants will find an environment that enables an open discussion with our keynote speakers Molly Morgan and Ohid Yaqub, networking through knowledge transfer and sharing and an exchange with senior lecturers who can provide feedback and tips for your academic career. In addition, as in any other conference trip, we want to give the participants the chance to make new friends, listen to new music and get a taste of our culture.

To prepare the conference, we invite to the participants to two preliminary sessions. Attending these sessions is completely voluntary, but we encourage them to participate in order for the conference days to flow smoothly and so that all voices are heard in this unique online design we’re preparing.

The aim of the first of these sessions is to get us all on the same page regarding usage of online tools and virtual interaction, and the second is specially designed to share and organize communications for upcoming presentations on the 15th of December. The first session will be on Thursday, 3rd of December, at 14:00. During this session, the organization team will get all the info and training needed on the digital tools used throughout the complete journey. How to properly use digital boards, video-conference rooms, chat rooms, the webpage and more. Also, click the link below! Make sure you have downloaded all the apps we’ll use during the conference by checking the requirements section in our website ( session is voluntary, but it’ll be a great opportunity to become familiar with these tools or to improve your skills with them, as well as to meet some of your future trip partners!

The second session will be on Friday, 4th of December, at 14:00. This session is addressed only to participants who have a conference presentation. In this space, they will meet each other for the first time, organize and structure the information that’ll be shared in the congress on the 15th. All through collaborative methodologies, a communication process protocol and while actively sharing knowledge.

To prepare both sessions, we ask the participants to confirm their attendance. In case you have a communication and cannot attend the session B, please let us know and we will match your communication with the most suitable topic according to your abstract.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with the organization team

Check the link below for more information: