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Current position

Pedro is a Ramon y Cajal fellow, a competitive 5-year programme funded by the Spanish Government. Under this programme he will continue to develop his research agenda on regional development, innovation and governance in peripheral regions of the European Union. He is also the principal investigator in a Innovative Training Network funded by the European Union (coordinated by Utrecht University) that will start in December 2019. 

Pedro has been a visiting fellow at the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies, Newcastle University, since 2012. He is an Associate Editor for the journal Regional Studies, Regional Science and has been a peer reviewer for several high-ranking journals.


Pedro has a degree in Sociology from ISCTE in Lisbon, Portugal, and an MA and PhD from Newcastle University (UK). He has also atended the Université Paris VII for an academic year, as an Erasmus student, and was a visiting PhD student at Cornell University for one semester.

Academic experience

Pedro has worked as a Research associate at Newcastle University (UK), the University of Kiel (Germany), Cardiff University (UK) and the University of Sussex (UK). He has done fieldwork in the UK, Portugal, Germany and Slovenia, as part of different research projects, where he has interviewed a variety of stakeholders from the private, public and third sectors.
As a result of his research Pedro has published in several high-ranking journals and wrote policy reports for policy and third sector organisations in the UK, Portugal and at the EU level.

Research areas

Pedro´s research interests are in the following areas: innovation in less developed regions, innovation in low and medium tech sectors, the political economy of development, governance and politics, social innovation.


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